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3 tips How to Find a trust industrial touchscreen manufacturer

To many foreigners it is not an easy job to find a trustful touchscreen manufacturer, Most of them find their suppliers through google , alibaba, made in China etc B2B platform, but how to choose the right one among thousands of suppliers. As a worker in the computer hardware industrial, here are 3 Tips I need to share with you about how to find the trust Industrial Touch Monitor/ Open frame supplier in China.

Usually, for a typical touch screen monitor or an open frame touch monitor is composed of a metal /plastic Chassis, a TFT LCD module, a Touch screen and LCD Controller board.

touchscreen manufacturer

1. Check the appearance

A compact and professional structure design brings you not only good appearance but also functional optimization. a good designed structure chassis the appearance must be tightly fit . Touchscreen manufacturer

  • TFT LCD quality is the fact affect the cost mostly, You may check from the market and find out there are really big price difference for the same size and parameter monitor. Why has this happened? it may be the design, different brand, but also there is another secret for the TFT LCD. There are 3 types of LCD can be chosen. 

No.1. Original brand new TFT LCD. No.2, used TFT LCD, No.3 .for some size, there will be also Chinese assembly TFT LCD available.

So the price difference is from the chosen of different TFT LCD Type.

You can ask your touchscreen manufacturer to confirm which type of TFT LCD they are using while they quote you .so that you can choose the suitable one you need.

3 tips How to Find a trust industrial touchscreen manufacturer 1

Low Price is not everything but cost performance.

Sometimes customers are always looking for the cheapest products but forget about the quality, the touch screen monitors you are buying is not for using a moment. But 3-5 years at least. So reliable quality is more important for you. To learn with your supplier what materials they are using get to know the products you are buying that ‘s the key points.

Eagle Touch as a professional Touch Monitor touchscreen manufacturer, we aim to be Honest and Professional to our customers to provide what exactly what you need!

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