Touch screen manufacturers

Touch screen manufacturers. WHICH TOUCH SCREEN NEED FOR YOUR Business?

  • What is Touch Screen
  • Think about your audience and be clear about your goals
  • Benefits of using touch screen technology
  • Types of Touch Screen- Touch screen manufacturers
  • 4 Wire Resistive Touch Screen
  • 5 Wire resistive touch screen
  • Projected Capacitive touch screen
  • Hardware Features
  • Features to consider while choosing the touch screen panel
  • How Eagle Touch is helping businesses?
  • TFT displays
  • LSD display
  • Touchscreen technology

Whenever a new technology enters into a market then there is a cut-throat competition between businesses. They try to adopt the technology before anyone else to keep themselves ahead of the rivals. This creates an urgent need for a business to decide the adoption of the right technology at the right time.

Touch screens are changing the world in different ways. Businesses have started adopting this technology at a large level and touch screen manufacturers are fulfilling their ample demands quite well. The touchscreen is playing a crucial role in our day-to-day life. Smartphones, batteries, cars, laptops, and many more devices contain a touch screen as the main input device. It helps in interacting with what is being displayed. Gone those days when people had to enter instruction with the help of buttons. Also, there is a huge demand for the device that comes equipped with a touch screen function.

Thanks to the Touch screen manufacturers in making our life easier. However, for a business, it’s a complicated task to choose the right touch screen. The choice depends on certain factors such as the kind of product you are offering and how your business will satisfy customers need? Do the product you are going to offer will be used in a harsh environment? The answers to the questions like this will help you in choosing the right touch screen for your product. In addition, it is important to know the various types of existing touchscreen technology. Resistive and Capacitive touchscreen is widely known and used by the businesses. Touch screen manufacturers design these touch screens with perfection.

Touch screen manufacturers

Think about your audience and be clear about your goals

The existence of your business clearly depends on your potential to satisfy customers and retain them. Knowing the reason behind the need of touch screen will aid in the selection of a suitable touch screen technology. Also, knowing the purpose is important whether you want to raise aware people, pass information, educate or generate leads. You should know what experience you want to provide to customers.

Benefits of using touch screen technology

There are numerous benefits to using touch screen technology. Businesses can increase their revenue by applying touch screen technology appropriately. It can also be useful in providing a good customer experience. Apart from that, it’s an interactive technology that delivers an attractive user interface. Traditional methods of interaction with devices were boring because it was time-consuming. Touch screen technology saves our time as we run devices with our fingertips. This technology is a lot helpful to physically challenged people. Moreover, one gets to experience real interaction in the devices such as laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Touch screen manufacturers. WHICH TOUCH SCREEN NEED FOR YOUR Business? 1
Touch screen manufacturers. WHICH TOUCH SCREEN NEED FOR YOUR Business? 3
Touch screen manufacturers. WHICH TOUCH SCREEN NEED FOR YOUR Business? 5

Types of Touch Screen- Touch screen manufacturers

There are four main types of touch screen technology that includes resistive, capacitive, SAW and infrared. Let’s explore them in detail.

1) Resistive touch screen – From the name, you can gain the idea that it has a resistive touch. Resistive touchscreen panels are composed of distinct thin layers. The screen works by applying pressure onto it. This touchscreen comes in different models like 4 wired and 5 wired resistive screens. Today 6, 7 and 8 wired resistive screens are also available. The outer layer of the screen is flexible and coated inside while the bottom layer is made rigid. And between them, there is a gap containing insulating spacer dots. When someone presses the top layer then both of the layers touch and gets connected.

Touch screen manufacturers. WHICH TOUCH SCREEN NEED FOR YOUR Business? 7

• The applications of resistive touch screen included in the restaurant, control panels, industrial automation, voting terminals, POS (point of sales), etc.

• One of the advantages of using this touch screen technology is that it consumes less power and aren’t expensive.

• You can use stylus, pen or even gloved hand to activate the screen. The only disadvantage is the low image clarity that it provides in comparison to the other touch screen technologies.

• Additionally, the outer film is made of polyester that can get damaged by scratching, poling or coming in contact with sharp objects.

2) Surface Acoustic Wave- SAW technology works because of ultrasonic waves. The problem with using this touch screen is that it is easily damageable by the elements present outside. Contaminants can also affect the proper functioning of the touchscreen functionality. Piezoelectric transducers in series and receivers are used. These are present on the side of a monitor’s plate that produces invisible ultrasonic waves on the surface. When someone touches the panel then a portion of a wave is absorbed. With the help of the receiving transducer, the touch point is located and the data is sent to the computer. There are some important benefits of using SAW.

• It is highly scratch resistant than the capacitive touch screens.

• It provides extremely good image clarity.

• It can’t be operated with hard materials like a pen.

• Any amount of water when fall on it will cause false-triggering.

• The screen can stop working at those points where solid particles are residing.

3) Capacitive- Capacitive touch screens are of two types including surface and PCAP (Projected Capacitive). It contains an insulator like glass. This glass is then coated with a transparent conductive material like ITO (indium tin oxide). In projected capacitive, artificial intelligence is used that enables accurate sensing with the help of thick glass. It was first made by Ronal and Malcolm Binstead in 1984. They invented a capacitive touchpad containing 16 key. The PCAP can be operated by the gloves of cotton or surgical gloves. People can input data using two fingers at the same time (multi-touch). ). In the market, surface capacitive is the second most popular touchscreen panel. These panels consist of a transparent electrode layer placed on top of a glass panel. It is then covered by a protective layer. The screen reacts to the static electrical capacity of the human body when touched. Do you know by using a touch screen foil (PCAP touch technology), you can change any acrylic and glass surface into a touch screen?

4) Infrared- Infrared involves the use of IR emitters (X-Y infrared LED) and photodetector pairs. An invisible grid of light is created across the screen that results in the production of a high-quality image.

Hardware Features

After knowing everything about the touch screens, your next step will be to find the correct hardware according to the business needs and of course a touch screen manufacturer that will meet your needs… How much space do you need on the touchscreen? If you have the answer to this question then that’s great. To run your business effectively and efficiently, hardware features matters a lot.

• The cable management should be done properly in the hardware.

• Serial, as well as a USB touch interface, are there are working properly.

• There must be hidden place in the base of the hardware for an external power supply.

• The hardware must be able to display MSR.

• The hardware should also show rear customer options.

3855UT 6L
3855UT 6L

Features to consider while choosing the touch screen panel

Every touch screen has pros and cons. A touch screen suitable for one place can have no use at the same place. Thus, your selection should consider hardware features, touchscreen size, touch accuracy, resolution, timing in responding, clarity, life expectancy, environmental conditions, etc.

• Touch Size: Touchscreens comes in three sizes small, medium and large. The sizes of the monitor can vary from 3.5-inch to 52-inch in size. It is necessary to check the size of the touchscreen panel. Full-color TFT LSD (Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display) ranges from size 1.44 inch to 5.0 inch.

• Accuracy: The touch performance must be excellent and able to provide accurate touch response.

• Resolution: The resolution is the number of touch points on the touch panel. The greater the resolution, the higher will be touch points. Also, there’s another resolution known as pixel density. This should be considered too.

• Response: The touch panel must have the potential to respond quickly. The response time is measured in milliseconds (ms). According to a study, human being requires the latency of 10 ms or less than that for comfort. SAW screens respond quickly with the response time of around 10 ms and IR takes 20 ms.

• Clarity: Being at the top of the display, the quality of the image gets interrupted by the loss of light. Resistive screens the poorest in producing clarity in the image.

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How Eagle Touch is helping businesses?

Eagle Touch is serving its customers by providing high-quality touch screen for touch monitors, smartphones and many more devices. It is providing an innovative solution to fully satisfy your business needs. It’s a leading touch screen manufacturer in China and exported to various parts of the world. It offers products like TFT displays that are exported to Japan. There is a broad range of products to buy and escalate your business. We want to grow by assisting businesses in serving what they need. The products are completely reliable and easy to buy. The customer service support is available for you whenever you need. Eagle Touch is specialized in the production of TFT displays, 5-wire and 4-wire resistive touchscreen, LSD display, projected capacitive screen and many more. They are one of the best touch screens manufactures.



Eagle touch makes sure that its customers are satisfied with the products it delivers. It can only provide your needs. It’s you who has to choose the perfect blend of touchscreen technology for your business. The mere knowledge of touch screens will not help. It’s also important to know what you will serve your customers overall.

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