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The 2 main Touchscreen bonding Technologies. Resistive touch screen manufacturers

As we all know, the bonding method for common TFT LCD and touch screen on the market are divided into two ways: Air bonding and Direct bonding. If a person who doesn’t understand these two terms certainly doesn’t know the difference between them, or what kind of advantages and disadvantages they all have, let’s briefly explain below:

The 2 main Touchscreen bonding Technologies. Resistive touch screen manufacturers 1

Direct Bonding features: resistive touch screen manufacturers

Directly bonding is a way bonding protect glass, TFT LCD and Touchscreen completed together in a seamless way, omitting the air layer existing between the display screen and the touch screen, making the screen thickness thinner. The visual effect is perfectly presented, it looks more beautiful, reduces the chance of getting into the gray, the picture is more transparent which enhances the display effect, and makes the screen thinner. It seems that the direct bonding is more aesthetic and practical. However, the direct bonding technology yield is lower , the cost is relatively expensive, and once damaged, the entire screen needs to be replaced. Resistive touch screen manufacturers

Air Bonding Features:

What about the air bonding then? The air bonding is to use double-sided tape to fix the touch screen and the four sides of the display panel, and there is a gap between the display panel and the touch screen with air filling, the operation is relatively simple, and the process is relatively mature. Mature technology plus stable yield rate gives the biggest advantage of air bonding, as well as cheaper and simpler replacement. It also has a feature that the screen is thick and the overall body cannot be thin. There are gaps, and dust is the biggest enemy that exists. In addition, the reflective surface of the panel and the glass are more obvious, and the display effect is relatively poor.

Through the above content, I believe that everyone understands the difference between the two bonding methods. compare with air bonding the direct bonding is much more better from the display effect, to the appearance of the screen, and the gap dust,

Eagle Touch as one of a resistive touch screen manufacturers in China, manufacturing Resistive 4 wire touch screen ,5 wire touchscreen as well as PCAP touchscreen, we provide both air bonding and direct bonding .

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