Resistive touch screen

The 7 facts you need to know about Resistive touch screen.

Resistive touchscreens used to play a very important role in touchscreen filed. Even though most of the market shares have been occupied by PCAP touchscreen and foldable touchscreen foil nowadays, but still there is an irreplaceable status in some of the applications for resistive touchscreen. below let’s try to reveal the 7 features of the resistive touch screen.

The 7 facts you need to know about Resistive touch screen. 1
  1. Work Through Pressure

Unlike other types or touchscreens, Resistive touchscreen works through pressure. It consists of 2 layers, Normally the Top layer is ITO Film and bottom layer ITO glass which separately by the dot in between. When you press the ITO film in the surface, which will make the ITO FILM and ITO glass contact .then the touchpoint creates. That’s is how resistive touchscreen works.

2. Can be touched by any objects, except sharp stuffs

Because of the feature of its working principle. resistive touchscreen can be touched by any objects like pen, fingers stylus, gloves etc , but you can not use the sharp objects to touch, as the touch surface is the ITO film which is easy to scratch. And when its scratched or broken will actually affect the touch effect.

3. Sensibility 

Resistive touch screen is less sensible Compare with Pcap touchscreen. As resistive touch panel work by touch ,so sometimes if you press lightly, it may be unable to fell the touch and cause the touch sensibility not so sensible .

4. Single Touch 

Resistive touchscreen can only support single point touch. Which Pcap touchscreen can support 10 point multi touch screen.

5. Calibration Needed :

Resistive touchscreen calibration principle: the resistance value of conductive ITO layer and the whole circuit will be slightly offset with time and voltage, etc. In order to more accurately correspond with the functional pattern on the LCD display screen, the standard position shall be recalibrated and calculated. Without calibration may cause linear offset

6. Available size : 

Resistive touchscreen standard size range is from 3.5” to 22” which because of the raw material limitation so no bigger size available.

7.Dustproof & water proof 

Resistive touchscreen is waterproof and dustproof, which is a very good application for outdoor and rough situation use.

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