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In recent years, new information technologies have been developing rapidly, which make it possible in a short time to satisfy most of the virtual needs of customers in the service sector in various fields of activity. The introduction of new touch terminals allows you to instantly receive the necessary information and display it on the screen. Such innovative solutions became possible after the creation of unique touch terminals, which are multifunctional devices.


The nature of the interaction between man and machine has always been an attractive area in the field of obtaining complete information in any area of ​​human life. And now, due to the efforts of geniuses-programmers and design engineers, it was possible to create a unique product that is characterized by a high reaction rate to any request submitted “from outside”, and instantly display the requested information on the touch screen monitor.



A touch screen terminal (also called an interactive terminal or an interactive kiosk) is a combination of advanced computer developments connected in a hardware device that automatically receives information for a wide range of people.

The touch terminal operates in automatic mode. These devices can easily be found at airports, at railway stations, at subway stations, in shopping centers. In recent years, street sensor terminals have begun to appear.

The touch terminal is a multifunctional device that consists of several main components. The main one is an advanced computer filling, which is responsible for fulfilling user requests and displaying the information received on the screen. In addition to the computer, the terminal is equipped with other equipment – a barcode scanner, bill acceptor, audio system, etc. The screen is a regular monitor, which can be found at home or at workplaces of office employees. The case made of durable steel alloys provides reliable protection against hacking or damage, being a modern method of anti-vandal protection. Each component of the touch terminal provides a specific function, thereby expanding the capabilities of citizens in obtaining information that is characterized by relevance and reliability. The sensor function is the most advanced method of interaction between the user and the device. By clicking on the on-screen buttons, the device instantly receives the information necessary for work, starts analyzing it and creates a request, on the basis of which information that is important to the user will be received in the future and displayed on the screen for terminals.


Each terminal uses the latest software, regularly updated, which allows you to increase the range of services offered and expand the interface with additional management tools that facilitate the user’s work.



The presence of a huge number of advantages from the use of an information terminal with a touch screen can not cause any doubt. Their benefits are dictated by time and the development of consumer IT systems. Any terminal is characterized by the following list of advantages:

  • The information terminal is characterized by increased performance; it works around the clock;
  • It replaces the work of professional consultants, thereby reducing salary costs, tax deductions, etc. In addition, the possibility of interactive interaction between the user and the device allows you to free staff who can now be sent to solve more important problems;
  • The case is ergonomic, has a pleasant appearance, is reliably protected from vandal actions and hacking attempts;
  • There is the possibility of being equipped with special equipment, which greatly expands the functions of the touch terminal;
  • An intuitive interface that anyone can understand, even one who is far from computer technology;
  • The latest technologies in the field of touch displays allow you to give a clear and vivid picture, facilitating the process of perception of information;
  • The device can be used almost everywhere;
  • Connecting to a single network allows remote administration of the system;
  • The simplicity of the interface reduces the risk of failure of the interactive terminal due to errors made by users;
  • Regular updating of the software used increases the protection of the system and positively affects the information received during the work.



Using the latest computer technologies allows you to expand the capabilities of touch terminals, using them to perform the following tasks:

  • Obtaining comprehensive information on the product or service of interest;
  • Extracting information of any type (text, audio, video, etc.);
  • Ability to print checks, receipts, etc.;
  • Acceptance of fees for utilities and other types of services.

Very often, terminals with touch screen monitor have the ability to switch the display language of information, which extends the reach of users. In addition, manufacturers take care of users with physical disabilities. For example, for people traveling in wheelchairs, the monitor is located at a level convenient for them. People suffering from hearing loss will benefit from a specially designed induction panel. It will be easier for poorly seeing users to perceive information due to the function of increasing the font.


To understand what are the uses of touch terminals, it is necessary to clarify all the possible areas of their operation and applications. These hardware devices today have huge development prospects. They occupy the market segment that is constantly being improved. Since the main consumer of any services is civil society, it is important to bring to each user information about any changes at the legislative level, about the rules and technical regulations regarding all types of services. This task in real time can be performed by information terminals, which are characterized by the absence of a human factor, which in the future can lead to various negative consequences. With the development of the market of terminals with touch screen monitor, it will be possible to document the interaction of users and bodies that provide information. It will have the following form: a request for information – printing an invoice, paying it – printing a receipt – recognizing bonus cards – activating discount coupons.


  • In shopping centers, supermarkets and other institutions engaged in trade. They are used as an alternative method of payment for purchases, as well as to obtain comprehensive information on goods. The use of info terminals allows you to reduce financial costs and automate the process of selling products;
  • In entertainment establishments, for example, night clubs;
  • In institutions providing public services to the public (single window of public services, MSO – municipal services office) based on the requirements of the company informational support program, designed for 2011-2020;
  • In the field of tourism services. Very often tour operators use touch terminals in places with high traffic, for example, in shopping centers. The screens show colorful photographs and videos of exotic countries, as well as information about promotions and discounts. Thus, travel agencies are trying to create a stir around the possibility of a good rest for a low fee;
  • In the centers for providing employment to civilians. Devices are used to quickly search for open vacancies;
  • In libraries and archives, they simplify the process of finding the necessary information from the vast database of available books and documents;
  • In museums, at exhibitions as an ultramodern guide. Touch screen terminals for museums are able to instantly find the answer to almost any user request on a topic of interest;
  • In the salons of cellular communications. Here they are used to popularize new tariff plans that are presented on the Russian mobile communications market. Due to the large number of companies competing in the field, the one who develops the most favorable tariffs for the consumer and quickly informs the target audience about their appearance, indicating the obvious advantages, is in the best position. That is why mobile companies often use information terminals made in branded colors for advertising purposes;
  • In medical institutions. Devices are used to make an appointment with medical professionals. The screen may display important information, for example, the work schedule of a specialist;
  • Information terminals began to be installed in pharmacies. They help to find out about the availability of a particular drug in stock, and also provide recommendations on replacing expensive foreign drugs with cheaper, domestic counterparts. Information on contraindications, composition and indications for use is also displayed;
  • On the basis of a program aimed at informational support of society, terminals are installed in schools, technical schools and other educational institutions. Touch terminals for schools allow parents to keep abreast of their children’s progress;
  • In universities to display important information about the institution, the schedule of classes, tests, exams and other information useful to students and teachers;
  • In the courts, to facilitate the process of obtaining information on current cases;
  • In the registry offices, the terminals are used to simplify the process of recording the newlyweds, as well as to select a date convenient for the wedding;
  • In tax authorities, the touch terminal allows you to pay tax fees and send tax returns on time, which avoids the imposition of penalties;
  • In bank organizations and post offices to arrange a queue for the reception of citizens;
  • At railway stations, at airports, at bus stops. The terminals display information about the time of arrival and departure of flights. Recently, touch terminals have begun to appear that allow you to order a taxi;
  • In hotels to provide visitors with important information, as well as expand opportunities in the field of room reservation;
  • Often, terminals with touch screen monitor play the role of virtual storefronts, which display the basic information on the product – image, description, price, etc. This approach can be found in numerous fast food restaurants;
  • Information touch terminals are often used by advertising companies. They are installed in crowded places (most often these are shopping centers). Advertising videos are played on their screen or other types of advertising information are displayed.


The wide capabilities of touch terminals allow their use in any area of ​​human activity. They perform various tasks: from simple informing to accepting payment for goods and services. It is multitask capability that has become the main reason for the high demand for information terminals.


According to enterprises that have implemented touch terminals in the customer service process, 57.8% of users of such equipment are men, most of whom already have experience with such equipment 48.6% of users who use info terminals to obtain any information are young people whose age does not exceed 30 years.

According to statistics, after installing the terminals, in the first month about 20% of customers use its services. After 2-3 months, this figure rises to 80%. These data directly indicate the demand for touch terminals in various fields of activity.

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