An embedded computer with a touch screen is used as a multimedia center, to manage automation devices, to control the environmental and physical safety of the home.


The central element of the “smart house” can be a touch-screen computer built into the wall. Such a computer does not need a “mouse”, the buttons can be pressed directly with the finger on the screen, and the special keyboard for typing is replaced by special on-screen keyboards. Owners of the increasingly popular handheld computers know how convenient touch screens are.

An embedded computer with a touch screen can be useful, for example, as a multimedia center with which you can play music, movies or even display digital photos. The music library, film library and photo archive can be placed on another computer in the home network. A similar computer can be used to control automation devices (including for reprogramming them), to control the environmental and physical safety of the home. But this will require special software.

You can use a separate touch monitor. It can be mounted by installing a touch screen on a conventional LCD monitor. The installation operation is quite complicated, so specialized companies are engaged in the assembly of touch screens.

Touch screens themselves differ in manufacturing technology. According to the principle of operation, they are resistive, on surface-acoustic waves, infrared and projective-capacitive (for more information about sensor technologies, see

For smart houses, surface acoustic acoustic and resistive screens (such as IntelliTouch and AccuTouch by EloTouchSystems) are the best. SAW screens provide high image quality, accurately recognize the touch of a finger or pen, are not afraid of scratches, and are sensitive to touch force. Resistive screens have been designed for use in aggressive environments, therefore they are superior to other screens in reliability and durability. Resistive touch screens are most resistant to contamination, their surface is not afraid of liquids, condensate, vapors, but such screens have less transparency.

Embedded computers with touch screens are relatively inexpensive. A foreign-made computer with a 19-inch LCD screen costs $ 1,300-1,500 (domestic models are $ 200 cheaper), with a 12-inch one – about $ 1,000.

Offering embedded computers, you need to take care of creating a control program, not forgetting the convenience of the interface (for example, large buttons).


Smart House Automation

Smart House is an automated management of all that you can drive around in your house. The house has a lot of routine work: turn on / off, start / stop, open / close, louder / quieter, warmer / colder, etc. To complete all these actions in a two-story house, leaving for the weekend, coming home from work, receiving guests, you will have to spend a decent amount of time. All this can be done in a minute from one remote control.

Smart house ensures the coordinated operation of all electrical equipment. Externally, a cottage with an installed smart home system is not much different from an ordinary house. Nothing in the interior and exterior of the house betrays that it has a modern control system. Outside, only beautiful switches are visible, as well as bright and colorful touch screens located on the walls in convenient places, for example, in the living room or in the kitchen. One touch of the screen and the light turns on smoothly, the curtains close, music starts playing, etc.

Everything is now under control. No need to go up to the second floor to turn off the lights or turn off the TV. And if you left and forgot to suddenly turn off the iron, then you can turn it off without returning. Using a mobile phone, you can send the command “turn off everything” or one specific outlet, or vice versa turn on the light in the hallway or in the bedroom and thereby simulate the presence of the owners. You can, being in your office, go over the Internet to the server of your smart home and view the lights on, cameras in the hallway or bedroom, as well as how many people have visited the house in your absence.

Smart Home devices and Z-Wave technology will give you an absolute sense of comfort!

Do you want to be proud of your house? Do you want to control the light, climate, any device, take care of the garden without getting up from your chair?

Change all panels to one?

This is no longer an unrealistic dream, but a reality with the help of the Z-Wave HC2 controller – which allows you to easily control Z-Wave sensors and devices.

Are you looking for comfort in your home?

The Z-Wave FGMS-001 Multisensor improves your comfort. A multi-color LED indicator signals the detection of movement and the value of the current room temperature. The adjustable sensitivity of the motion sensor allows it to be used in various applications.

Do you want to always be sure that everything is fine at home? Do not worry about an unmounted iron or gas burner, a pipe break or an unlocked door, power outages?

To do this, simply equip your home with automation system Smart House.


Smart house automation is everything.

Carrying out automation (buildings, apartments, houses, offices) will allow you to greatly simplify the process of managing all types of electrical equipment in your home, as well as make it more comfortable and convenient.

Home automation is able to combine and unify the process of managing systems and appliances in the home. This technology has gained wide popularity in Europe and the USA, and now, thanks to our company Z-Wave Kiev, it can also be ordered in Ukraine. Abroad, this system, in one form or another, can be found in almost any modern house or apartment. And this is not surprising – in fact, practicality and rationality are appreciated here. As for Ukraine, this technology has appeared here relatively recently, but every day it is gaining more and more rapid popularity.

With Smart House life becomes more comfortable!

Your Smart house will be unique and tailored precisely to your desires!

Your house understands you and your desires!

Your house tunes to your new interests!

Your house will take care of itself and will inform you about everything!

You can:


  • Smoothly turn on and off the light in the desired groups with one touch of a key;
  • Turn on and off the light from the presence or movement sensor:
  • Stairs, corridors, bathrooms, porch, garden paths;
  • Turn off the sockets in the children’s room after 21-00;
  • Heat floor at a given time;
  • Order the climate separately in each room – day, night, duty;
  • Automatic watering of the garden throughout the season.


To do this, you can use:


  • Z-Wave controller HC2;
  • Remote control;
  • Wall panel;
  • Portable panel;
  • Mobile phone;
  • Computer, laptop via the Internet.

The security of your home:


    • CCTV systems
    • Penetration control with dial-up to the host
    • Imitation of the hosts presence 
    • Fire safety systems
    • If there is a gas leak, gas will shut off and ventilation will turn on
    • When breaking a pipe, overfilling the bath, water will turn off
    • In case of power outages, the backup generator will turn on
    • In case of interruptions in water, a reserve tank or a well pump will be connected
    • In the “no one at home” mode, all devices will be switched off, except for those on duty – a refrigerator, a control system, minimum heating.


Make your home safe and your life at home carefree!

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