Information kiosk

Information kiosk (touch terminal)

Information kiosk (touch terminal)

Information kiosk is designed to provide reference information.

Information kiosk

Technically, this is an automated software and hardware complex based on a personal computer, POS terminal, or specialized device. Depending on the tasks, the information kiosk is equipped with a touch screen, barcode scanner, RFID tags, magnetic card scanner.

Information can be displayed on the kiosk screen and / or additionally printed on a printer. As a rule, information kiosks are placed in vandal-resistant, metal cases. Information kiosks can work autonomously or connect to an enterprise computer network. When working offline, information can be updated via the GSM channel or via the Internet.

Information kiosk (touch terminal) 1

Information kiosks can be used by both buyers and sellers. For example, often in stores, customers, choosing and studying a product, do a “re-sorting” – the product returns to the shelves, but not to its place, but where it is convenient. It is difficult for the next buyer to understand the value of the product and find the price tag of this product. It is possible to calculate by the barcode number, but those who have encountered this situation know how long and “annoying” this is. The output is information kiosks with a barcode scanner – just bring the product and scan the barcode, the screen will display the name of the product, its price and brief characteristics.

If the information kiosk is equipped with a touch screen, the buyer can be invited to read the full description of the product and its characteristics. The touch kiosk can provide information throughout the working day, its mode of operation can be around the clock and year-round.

Using a touch kiosk does not require special training or any computer skills from a person. The interaction is intuitive and extremely simple – you must either read the bar code or select menu items with a simple touch of a finger on the touch screen.

Touch kiosks are used both in commercial organizations and in government agencies. For example, information kiosks are installed in the offices of the Pension Fund of Ukraine. With the help of a certificate of compulsory state social insurance, citizens of Ukraine can gain access to data accumulated in the personified accounting system. With the help of a pension certificate, get access to the data of a pension case. Get information about the reception schedules for managers and management specialists, in which the information kiosk is located.

Information kiosk (touch terminal) 3

Single window – in state organizations, a touch information kiosk complements the concept of a single window. Without queues, at a convenient time, citizens can receive the necessary information. For example, reception schedules by the heads of departments where a request or document is located, the processing of information and requests can be automated – when documents are submitted, a receipt with a bar code is printed out, at any convenient time the visitor can scan the receipt and get information about which department contains his documents and when they are planned to be issued.

Information kiosks and touch terminals have long ceased to be a novelty. They are installed in stores, salons, offices of various companies and organizations. They are easy to use. Information is always available and to get it, you just need to select the necessary section in the terminal menu. The design and color of the terminal can be any, depending on the requirements and wishes of the customer. You can use serial models or design and manufacture an information kiosk to order.


Information kiosks are a proven and effective business solution that is actively used in the field of digital signage and indoor advertising.

The information kiosk is designed to:

  • tell and show;
  • interest and captivate;
  • guide and encourage action.



The presence of such equipment not only produces the desired effect on visitors, but also helps them to navigate, make a choice in favor of a particular service, and even simply not get lost if it comes to a large building.

Information kiosks are so good in their capabilities and results of use that many entrepreneurs and directors of companies think about their implementation. The Innovative DMC company is just involved in organizing and installing information kiosks in Kiev and throughout Ukraine. For whom is the installation of a kiosk in the territory relevant?

To buy an information kiosk for establishing effective communication with customers, customers, guests and visitors can:

  • trade objects (shops, supermarkets, boutiques);
  • shopping and entertainment centers;
  • sport complexes;
  • cinemas;
  • hotel complexes;
  • administrative premises;
  • government facilities;
  • banking institutions;
  • large companies;
  • train stations and airports;
  • medical centers;
  • museums and exhibition halls.

Information kiosk (touch terminal) 5


The indisputable advantage of the information kiosk is ease of management. So, a user who has encountered this device for the first time will easily figure out where to click and what to do. The kiosk interface is designed in such a way that the control is as simple and intuitive as possible. Just one or two movements – and you get all the information you need about the location, brand or product!

The presence of additional functions implies additional equipment. Thus, information kiosks can be equipped with not only a Full HD touch-screen, but also a device for reading barcodes, RFID tags and cards, a printer, a keyboard and other options.


Information kiosks can work 24/7.

They are ready for operation in various conditions and resistant to various external influences. Provided anti-vandal solutions can protect the owner from damage to property.


The design of information kiosks is carried out in any style and color design, which depends on the wishes of the customer. They can be applied company logos, labels and other images.

Is an investment in an information kiosk profitable? Undisputed, yes!

In terms of efficiency and effectiveness of use, information kiosks are superior to printed materials, static advertising, and even attendants. It is convenient, modern and pleasant for the user! It is profitable and practical for you!

The touch kiosk can be a separate information unit or a part of the system – one of the many devices interconnected. Information updating in this equipment can be carried out directly on site or remotely. In short, the functionality implies complete freedom of action, both for users and for managers responsible for the smooth operation of the information kiosk.

Places of installation and complex application

Touch kiosks for a hotel and restaurant are needed as information assistants, and often the main interactive consultants in a restaurant or hotel to provide information services and serve guests without staff. One of the features of the complex is round-the-clock work. This means that the Touch Kiosk for the hotel and restaurant operates 24/7 without the participation of employees, ensuring the provision of both basic and additional services to guests.

Touch kiosks for hotel and restaurant, business benefits

The touch kiosk provides the customer with a convenient and effective shopping experience, offering to purchase food, goods or services in a free mode. While a live consultant / waiter can be more intrusive and scare an indecisive guest. That is, with the help of the complex, customers can quickly interact with a restaurant / hotel. Touch kiosks for the hotel and restaurant act as intermediaries between guests and brands, providing customers with a convenient way to contact the goods. Saving time allows people to focus on more important things. And this positively affects the average purchase receipt and the image of the hotel / restaurant.

Touch terminals for medical institutions are needed as information assistants, and often, as the main interactive consultants in state medical institutions or commercial medical organizations to provide information services and services to citizens without the participation of medical personnel. One of the features of the complex is round-the-clock work. This means that sensory information kiosks for hospitals, clinics and pharmacies operate 24/7 without the participation of employees, ensuring the provision of both basic and additional services to patients / population.

Basic information, hours of admission, the schedule of medical offices and other current information in a modern touch format and an integrated search system, a catalog of medicines, information about medicines with a convenient search system.

Touch kiosks for medicine provide the patient / citizen with convenient and effective information assistance, offering to receive the necessary information in a free mode while the medical staff can be busy with other important tasks. That is, with the help of the complex, patients can more quickly interact with a medical institution, without wasting their time and staff time on long lines under the office and questions

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