5 Wire Resistive Touch Screen

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5 Wire Resistive Touch Screen Description

5 Wire resistive touch screen is the preferred solution for applications requiring durability and reliability over time. Similar to the 4 Wire technology, 5 Wire touch screen also consists of a conductive bottom layer (ITO Glass or ITO Film) and a conductive top layer (ITO Film).The fundamental structure difference between the two is: in the 5-wire technology, all the electrodes are placed on the bottom layer and the top layer acts only as a voltage measuring probe. Therefore, the touch screen works properly even with damages or scratches on the top layer


  • Kiosk,
  • POS,
  • Industrial Automation,
  • Broadcast,
  • Office Automation,
  • Medical,
  • Gaming,
  • Digital signage, hand-held device
  • KTV

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5 wire Resistive touch screen specification Overview

Specification Overview

Touch PointSingle Touch
ConstructionITO Film+ITo Glass
Surface harness3H
Optical Clarity0.8
Operating Temperature-10°C ~ 60°C
Endurance Test strikesOver 10 million
Operating VoltageDC 5V
Resistance200Ω ~ 900Ω
Operation Pressure15 ~ 70g
Storage Temperature– 20°C ~ 70°C

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