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Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT) is fast becoming one of the most prevalent touch technologies for an expanding variety of applications ranging from consumer devices to commercial applications in retail, gaming and signage.

Projected capacitive technologies detect touch by measuring the capacitance at each addressable electrode. When anger or a conductive stylus approaches an electrode, it disturbs the electromagnetic eld and alters the capacitance. This change in capacitance can be measured by the electronics and then converted into X,Y locations that the system can use to detect touch.

G+G means sensor +Cover glass.

G+P means Sensor + acrylic or polycarbonate ,which is like plastic.

The advantage with G+G structure: glass is hard , highly scratch-resistant,corrosion protection, high transparency .and high reliability.

Advantage with G+P : cost effective, simple technology ,but also with very obvious disadvantage like more prone to scratches and corrosion is not that good the reliability and transparency is poorer then glass as well

Air bonding is bonding use double side adhesive tape Between LCD and touch screen non active area, thich bonding method caused air in middle.


Direct Bonding :

Use OCA (optical clear Adhesive ) or OCR (optically clear Resin) bonding the glass and LCd panel .This bonding method removes all air and air bubbles form the viewing area providing a more rugged and optically attractive solution.

The Pcap touch screen is calculated according to the capacitance of several capacitive sensors at the finger touch, and the position of the finger relative to the capacitive sensor is calculated to obtain the contact position. At this time, as long as the position of the capacitive sensor relative to the display screen is determined (because the capacitive sensor is built in In the glass of the screen, it is impossible to offset), the position of the contact can be directly obtained, so the capacitive screen does not need to be calibrated.

As a contract partner of sharp and Mitsubish, we promise all the tft lcds we provided related are totally brand new original package A degree with original manufacturer wanrantee.

The so-called viewing angle refers to the angle at which the user can clearly     observe all the content on the screen from different directions. For example, if you look at your computer, it is the clearest when you are right, and you can see the color distortion until you can’t see it. This is an important indicator to measure the quality of the display.

An open frame monitor is a bezel- free monitor, only with the internal components and supply with an outer flange for mounting. Normally most of the customer’s application are mainly inside the equipment and with small size enclosure, which there is not much space to install the general display, such as ATM, POS, etc., are generally installed in the inside of the customer’s equipment for instead.

Eagle Touch provides Glass to glass, glass to film and glass to PC structure projected capacitive touchscreen.

G+G structure:

G+G means PCAP touchscreen’s structure was consist of a glass touch sensor and a surface tempered cover glass bonded together by OCA.

G+F structure : Pcap touchscreen was consist of a Ito film as touch sensor and a surface cover glass bonded together by OCA.

G+P structure : PCAP touchscreen was consist of a glass touch senor and a polycarbonate as cover.

Touch Solution: EETI. Ilitek controller