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Optimal Display solutions, Special Custom products, Professional Technical support, and Satisfied service to your projects are our goals!

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About Us

Eagle Touch Technologies Co. Ltd was established in 2007. We started with resistive touch screen production in the beginning and engaged in the Touch Industrial field for more than a decade. With the progress of the touch technology and touch products market expansion, touch screens are used everywhere in our life, public and private spaces like Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Multi-Media, Phones, Computers, Cars,  Smart Homes, Hospitals and so on.

Around 10 years ago, the main touch technology was resistive touch Technology and surface acoustic wave touch technology. Then, Infrared touch technology was popular for a while. Nowadays, in today’s market, most consumers are using projected capacitive touch Technology, which features the touch function having advanced from single Touch to real Multi-touch.

At Eagle Touch, as a Touch screen Manufacturer in China, we always update our production line with the newest technologies. Our current production lines include Resistive Touch screen and 4/5 wires (PCAP) Projected Capacitive touch screens. (both Ilitek and EETi solutions).  After a decade of working experience and knowledge in the Touch industry, and accumulating customers and resources, Eagle Touch set up the Touch monitor production line in 2010. Main products include Touch screen monitors, open frame monitors, and custom Touch monitors.

In the same year, Eagle Touch started to cooperate with Mitsubishi China for selling the industrial application TFT LCD modules, and also gained great success. Since then, Mitsubishi TFT LCD has become a part of our product lines too. In 2018, we were honored to become Sharp’s Industrial application whole series TFT LCD module contracted partner.

Eagle Touch has its complete supply chains for the touch series products in every detail aspect including touch screen, TFT LCD and even motherboards, plus the powerful R&D and technical supports teams. We are always on the way to provide customer stability in our products, innovative design and customer satisfaction.


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Mile Stones:

Eagle Touch set up, focus on 4/5 wire Resistive Touch screen.

Started to invest in Touchscreen monitor production line.

Touchscreen monitors started mass production , and cooperated in selling Mitsubishi TFT LCD Industrial modules

Surface capacitive touch screen in production

Increased an embedded solution products line for panel pcs. & mini pcs.

Projected Capacitive touch screen in production

As a Sharp contract partner for sharp whole series industrial application TFT LCD

Our commitment:

Innovative designs, optimal display solutions, special custom products, professional technical support, and satisfied service are our goals for our customers.

Features & Benefits

More Than 10 Years Experience We are in the industrial field for touch screen and lcd Open frame and panel pc more than 10 years experience.


We have been in Touch screen field for more than 10year. We have our own sources for IA industrial LCD, Touch screen .Motherboard. we have the biggest advantage integrated the source to serve the best to our customer.


Eagle touch have its own touchscreen manufacturer for resistive type and the projected capacitive touch screen as well as open frame, Panel pc and sharp and mitsubishi Lcd .so we can provide the best cost performance products .


We have very experience engineers which can provide very professional technical support and after sales service for any technical problems and other issues for 7/24 service

Custom Always Available

We provide flexible choice for our customers to get the most suitable products for them. custom products is always welcome.


Office Address

RM16-17,Xinian Centre ,Chegongmiao, Futian district,Shenzhen China.

Factory Address

Floor 4th, building AB , Derunjia industrial park. 128 industrial Park, Tangxia town, Dongguan. guangdong province. China.





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