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Industrial Panel PC Description

Eagle Touch provides a wide Range of industrial grade high performance touch panel pc , fanless touch Panel PCs, rugged touch Panel PCs, and cost effective touch Panel PCs, we provide the size range from 7” to 32” standard and and custom design projects as a professional and modularized Panel pc provider.


  • Industrial Automation,
  • human/machine interface,
  • inventory management,
  • point on sales,
  • kiosk,
  • digital signage applications.

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Do you need  professional advices for your projects from our experts? Or Do you have any Technical inquiry for Custom Design for your projects?

android open frame tablet pc

Android Open Frame Tablet

Android open frame Tablet size avaiable in :10.1″ .11.6″12.1″,14.1″ .15″ ,15.6″ ,17″ ,17.3″,19″ ,19.1″ .21.5″ ,OEM/ODM available 

3r43 1


9.7″ Industrial Fanless Panel pc with 5 wire resistive touch screen.USD3.0 *1. USB 2.0*2 . 2 * Lan  .OEM/ODM available 

3r43 1


10.1″ Industrial Panel pc with projected Capacitive touch screen.USD3.0 *1. USB 2.0*3 . 1* Lan  .OEM/ODM available 

15.6 inch touch panel pc


12.1″ IP65 degree Industrial Touch Panel PC ,With J1900 CPU , 3* R232 ,2*USB. 2* Lan Interface.OEM/ODM available 

3r43 1


IP65 waterproof Industrial Fanless Panel pc for 15″. (8.4″. 10.4″. 12.1″ .15″. 17″19″ 21.5 etc custom size available )