5 wire touch screen

The five-wire touchscreen uses a resistive layer and a conductive layer. The conductive layer has a contact, usually on its side of the edge. The four corners of the resistive layer each have a contact. To measure in the X-axis direction, bias the upper and lower left corners to VREF, and the upper right and lower right corners.

Because the left and right angles are the same voltage, the effect is similar to the bus on the left and right sides of the connection, similar to the method used in the four-wire touch screen. In order to measure in the Y-axis direction, the upper left and upper right are offset to VREF, and the lower left and lower right are offset to 0V. Since the upper and lower corners are the same voltage, the effect is approximately the same as the bus connecting the top and bottom edges, similar to the one used in the four-wire touch screen. The advantage of this measurement algorithm is that it keeps the voltage in the upper left and lower right corners unchanged; but if the grid coordinates are used, the X and Y axes need to be reversed. For a five-wire touchscreen, the best way to connect is to connect the upper left corner (offset to VREF) to the positive reference input of the ADC and the lower left corner (offset to 0V) to the negative reference input of the ADC.

Big Size 5 wire touch screen from size 10.2"" to 22"+Controller

CONTACT FOR SPEC P/N size thickness outside dimension view area dimension active area dimension Note
ET-5102A0 10.2″ 2mm 145.9*235 136.11*224.9 133.2*222
ET-5104A0 10.4″ 2mm 174*229 162.2*215 158.8*211.2
ET-5121A0 12.1″ 2mm 200*265 188.9*250.5 182.32*243.76
ET-5121A2 2mm 178*275.8 166.2*264.1 163.2*261.1
ET-5141A0 14.1″ 2mm 204*319 192*306 188*302
ET-5150A0 15″ 2mm 247*322 236*310.5 228*304
ET-5156A0 15.6″ 2mm 215*362.8 196.8*374.54 192.8*343.54
ET-5170A0 17″ 2mm 288*355 275*341.5 269*337
ET-5185A0 18.5″ 2mm 429.37*253.6 412.97*234 409.37*230.4
ET-5190A0 19″ 2mm 318*392 303*376 293*367
ET-5190A1 323*396 304*377 300*375
ET-5191A0 19’1″ 2mm 276*426 260*414 256*410 16:09
ET-5200A0 20″ 2mm 329*432 308*410 303*405
ET-5216A0 21.6″ 2mm 292.6*500 275*483.5 270*478.5
ET-5220A0 22″ 2mm 310*488 295*473.5 293.8*471